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Welcome to Fluency House!

Languages can open many doors in life...

Our goal is simple.  We are passionate about helping students develop the fluency and confidence they desire when speaking a foreign language.  We achieve this with interactive lessons, small group sizes, and personalized attention.  Classes are designed with clear communication goals in mind, and teachers always use plenty of contextual examples to explain the principles.  The result is that students quickly expand their vocabulary and at the same time learn the correct idiomatic usage.  Lessons are dynamic and practical, and will help you navigate real-life situations and natural conversations.

Because we know these events aren’t scripted like the textbooks!

At the Fluency House, we believe that languages connect the world, and that good communication is the foundation of success. And whether you wish to connect with exciting new people from around the world, or achieve your personal, academic, or professional goals, our fluency coaches will help get you there. They are dedicated and experienced professionals that continuously challenge their students to improve. You can trust our language experts to give you the best learning experience possible and count on their valuable advice every step of the way!

— We invite you to join us and start improving today!








The aim of our courses is to help participants become better communicators, while at the same time enjoying the learning process. Lessons are fun, interactive, and designed to be effective in a short period of time.

Qualified & Experienced

We are a team of qualified, native-speaker English teachers with many years of experience teaching English to students from all over the world.

Individual Attention

From your first day, our team is here to motivate you, give you feedback, and redefine goals as needed.

Professional Diversity

Our teachers bring a range of professional experience and interests to each lesson in a variety of industries such as banking, consumer electronics, higher education, marketing, real estate, NGOs, pharmaceuticals, and more.


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